Passaggio 1.3

Passaggio is a singing voice visualization tool which aids beginners...

Passaggio is a singing voice visualization tool which aids beginners or professionals, students or teachers, in the real-time diagnosis and correction of vocal problems.

The Passaggio program detects and displays the singers pitch on a musical staff either bass or treble clef in real-time as a moving pattern of dots.

A string of dots correctly positioned within the staff will indicate proper pitch. A pattern above or below the desired note position will indicate a sharp or flat sound respectively.

Passaggio can even detect a recognizable pitch from voices that are raspy or contain many overtones. However, Passaggio goes beyond just pitch.

Changes in dot color identify when the singer is singing softly or loudly to help the singer see when notes are being overdriven. More importantly, the WIV processor detects and displays other components of the singers voice.

In the singing voice, phonation (voicing) is a product of both laryngeal oscillations and diaphramatic control of the pressure and volume of the air coming from the lungs.

Common vocal faults such as a breathy, harsh, hollow or garbled voicing can be observed in the Passaggio display. Passaggio is unique because it displays pitch, vocal quality, and volume in a single window.

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Passaggio 1.3

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